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When you walk into the credit union lobby, or call a credit union loan officer, what makes that credit union different from a bank may not be immediately apparent. The two financial institutions may offer similar products and services. However, there are some differences that you may not be aware of;

  • You own your credit union. Credit unions are member-owned, non-profit financial cooperatives, dedicated to improving members’ lives. Stockholders own banks. Banks make money for stockholders, not for customers.
  • Credit unions are a democratically controlled financial institution. You and other members elect a volunteer board of directors to oversee the credit union. The manager or president/chief executive officer reports to this board. Bank directors, however, are paid and legally bound to make decisions that benefit stockholders, not customers.
  •  Credit unions price loans, pay dividends on deposits, and charge fees with the goal of providing its members with high-quality, low-cost services. Banks price products and services to make a profit.

As a member of WCLA Credit Union, you have a say in how we do business. Let your elected board members and professional staff know how we’re doing, and what services you would like to see offered at your credit union

Q. What is a credit union?

A. A credit union is a corporation of individuals united by a common bond – in our case the forest products industry. Its basic principles are to promote thrift among its members and to make money available for productive purposes at a reasonable rate of interest. Your Credit Union is operated by and for its fellow members. The WCLA Credit Union is chartered by the State of Washington and operated under regulations established by the Division of Financial Institutions and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the Federal government..

Unlike a bank, a credit union is a non-profit cooperative. Credit Union members are “share” holders in the organization. All income earned over and above operating expenses is returned to members in the form of higher dividends on deposits, lower loan rates and lower fees.

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Become a member today and be part-owner of a not-for-profit financial institution. Contact the WCLA Credit Union for an application for membership at (800) 422-0074 Ext. 4. You are more than just a member, you are part of a growing family.