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WCLA Credit Union is committed to protecting our members’ information. The following are some helpful hints on how to protect yourself from online banking risks:

  • DON’T use public computers to access online banking. Passwords and other log-on information can be saved automatically on the public computers.
  • DON’T use Wi-Fi hotspots. Data sent over wireless Internet Services can be intercepted by thieves, especially if it is an unsecured hotspot (one that does not require a log on).
  • DO install security software. Please make sure to update your security software frequently, so that you will be protected from new computer viruses and other harmful issues. And never open file attachments unless they are from a trusted source.
  • DO use ‘strong passwords,’ which include a combination of numbers, symbols and letters. Strong passwords will help protect your personal data from hackers.
  • DO check your accounts. Review your accounts often and immediately report any suspicious activity.

Please see our security page for more detailed information on how to protect your information.

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