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Your Credit Report

Your Credit Report Says A Lot About You

Don’t be the last to know what your credit report says about you.

Your credit report includes how much credit you have and how you repay your bills; public record information, including bankruptcy and tax liens; and identity information such as name, social security number and birth date. It also lists the names of anyone who has obtained a copy of your credit report. But, lenders aren’t the only ones seeking information about your credit. Landlords, employers, and insurers may use credit report information to help them decide whether to hire you, sell you an insurance policy, or rent you an apartment.

To get a copy of your report, contact all three major national credit bureaus: Experian at 888-397-3742; Equifax at 800-997-2493; Trans Union at 800-888-4213.

When you receive your report, look it over for inaccurate information. If you find mistakes, contact the appropriate credit reporting agency and notify them of the discrepancy. Please see our Security page for more information on avoiding identity theft and protecting your information.