Washington Contract Loggers Association, Inc.

Mission Statement

Anyone who works in forestry knows that this industry faces a double-challenge. While serving as stewards of America’s natural resources, you must also provide a profitable enterprise for yourself, your employees and your family. You face regulatory changes, employment trends, equipment modifications, insurance issues – everything a timber operation sees on a daily basis. And your time is valuable.

The Washington Contract Loggers Association, Inc. is a state association that understands your needs and interests. Created by loggers for loggers, we truly want you to be successful in business, and in preserving the type of life you enjoy. Our membership benefits and programs are designed as tools for you and your company to utilize.

We consider ourselves your business partners, for by ensuring your future success, we ensure our own, and that of America’s timberlands.


Our goal is to provide each of our member companies with something unique – a program or service they view as a valuable benefit to their company. To achieve that goal, we try to ensure that these programs and services are tailored to contract logging and related businesses, cost effective, and geared towards ensuring the success of this industry in the future.

As you browse our website, we feel confident you will find something to convince you that membership in the WCLA,
Inc. is a worthwhile endeavor. We invite you to call our office with suggestions on how we could improve our association in order to enlist the support of more logging related companies.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to email us


Formed in 1970, the WCLA has been instrumental in serving individuals and businesses involved in the timber industry.

WCLA Past Presidents

  • John Boulton, Boulton Logging
  • Harold Brunstad, Brunstad Logging
  • Dennis Hadaller, Dennis Hadaller Logging & Trucking
  • Sherri Hansen, Hansen Logging
  • Bob Hild, Pacific Logging
  • Buster Meece, Meece Cutting
  • Ralph Moerke, Moerke & Sons, Inc.
  • Tom Van Slyke, Vaughn Bay Lumber Company
  • Kevin Morris, Mor-Log, Inc.