Washington Contract Loggers Association, Inc.
Claims Management Service

WCLA Claims Management Service

July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024

WCLA offers a Claims Management Service to all WCLA members.

WCLA will be entering the 17th year of Claims Management Service.  The year begins July 1, 2023.  Claims management is essential if you want to control claim cost, earn a lower experience modification factor and pay less premium to L & I.

To enroll you must:

  • Pay WCLA an up front claim management fee equal to 1.5% of your last four quarters of L & I premium (minimum fee of $100 and maximum fee of $4,000); and
  • Fill out a “Release of Information” form so WCLA can access and obtain claim information from L & I.

The 1.5% fee will provide you with 12 months of claims management service (based on claims within a fiscal year – i.e. claims with a date of injury from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024).  If you remain enrolled in the following years, WCLA will continue to manage each fiscal year’s claims until they no longer affect your L & I experience factor.  Enrollment information will be mailed to WCLA members prior to the start of each fiscal year.  

To enroll, please call Jerry Bonagofsky at (800) 422-0074 Ext. 113.


WCLA thinks this is a win-win situation for you and the association:

  • Do you trust L & I to manage your claims without WCLA claims managers involved?
  • The skills to effectively manage claims are invaluable.  There are so many laws, rules and processes to understand that unless you are doing it full-time you never get proficient at it.
  • Your L & I experience factor and ultimately your L & I rates are claim sensitive.  Claims that are not managed properly drive up your rates.  One improperly managed claim could cost you much more than the 1.5% fee in the long run.
  • Do you have time and feel comfortable dealing with L & I claims managers, doctors, vocational counselors, etc?  This includes writing protest letters, making phone calls, getting employees released to light duty jobs, monitoring wage and time loss calculations, etc.
  • Occupational disease claims such as hearing loss and carpal tunnel need careful monitoring and calculation to ensure L & I does not assign excessive claim cost to your company.  In many cases, we have been successful in reducing or completely eliminating the claim cost.
  • Allow us to manage your claims and you can concentrate on other business activities.