WCLA Credit Union

Q Who can be a member?

A WCLA Credit Union is a credit union for loggers and all persons engaged in forestry, timber, wood products and related activities – and their families. This means all those who provide business services to loggers, including saw shops, fire shops, mills, nurseries, road construction, truck and equipment sales and service shops.

Membership is open to active, associate, supporting and honorary members of the Washington Contract Loggers Association, their employees and families. Membership is also now open to all members of the timber industry including lumberyards, mills, suppliers, etc.  In short, anyone in the Forest Product Industry or Services and their families.

Q How do I join?

A Membership Is Easy!  To join WCLA Credit Union, simply complete a membership card, open a Regular Share Account (our most basic savings account) with a $5 deposit. That’s all it takes!

Membership Is Forever. Once a member, always a member.  Once you join, even if your retire, change employers or move, you retain membership in WCLA Credit Union. We’ll keep you up-to-date on all our products and services, and you will receive monthly or quarterly statements outlining the activity in your accounts.

Your Membership Is Important to Us. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals, today and always. You should know that WCLA Credit Union offers more than savings accounts and low-cost loans. We provide many services that meet all your financial needs.

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